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Affectionately known among their peers as FoxandRob, Sibil Fox and Robert Richardson are a popular New Orleans-based couple who endured and survived twenty-one years as an incarcerated family.

In 1997, Rob Rich, a first offender in Louisiana, was sentenced to 61-years as a result of overzealous prosecution. Not to be denied, after her release from prison in 2002, Fox Rich led a valiant charge to regain her husband’s freedom. In June 2018 Governor John Bel Edwards granted clemency to Rob. Ninety days later he was released.

Their story is told in the acclaimed, award-winning documentary Time. They have also written a book together about their experience.

Together they have six sons and continue their advocacy for incarcerated families through the NOLA chapter of Participatory Defense Movement, an initiative of Rich Family Ministries, which they founded with the vision of “changing lives and laws through love” and dedicated to empowering families and marriages to thrive. Subscribe to the newsletter or follow on social media to stay up-to-date with FoxandRob!

Rich Family Ministies

Upon Rob’s release, the couple started Rich Family Ministries whose mission is to change lives and laws through love. As part of their efforts, they launched an initiative designed to provide families, communities, and the accused with legal awareness as a best form of defense, empowering them to be more actively engaged in their own legal matter.

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